Sunday, December 11, 2011

Excel Resources and Tutorials

Free Download Microsoft Excel Tutorial
Excel Activities
Spreadsheet: A Variety of Activities!
Excel Tutorial and Information
Excel Lessons
Excel-ent Activities Across the Grades
Technology: Excel
What Is Excel?
Computer Aplications
Classrooms That Excel Resources
Middle School Math Lessons: Using Excel in the Classroom
The ABC's to Excel
Technology Tools for Teachers: Spreadsheets
Excel Activities for the Elementary School
Spreadsheet Activities
K5 Computer Lab: Excel Lesson Plans
Techtorials: Practical Technology Guides: Excel
Excel Game and Diversions
Excel Games
Microsoft Excel Training
Microsoft Excel Games
Middle School Technology Integration
Ideas for Using Excel in the Classroom
Excel Reference Sheets
Dr. Christie's Using Spreadsheets in K-12 Classrooms
Excel Lessons for High School Students
Design A Survey and Evaluate the Data with Microsoft Office Excel
Excel Functions and Formulas
Microsoft Excel 2003: Classroom Activities
Microsoft Excel Interactive Projects
Excel Tip
School Spreadsheet Safari
Spreadsheet Resources
Excel for Beginners: Using Spreadsheets to Create Interactive Grade Books
A to Z of Spreadsheets
Introduction of Excel in the Classroom
Excel Tips and Tricks
Excel Activities for Elementary and Middle School
Ideas for Spreadsheets in Excel
Children Can Excel, or Teaching Spreadsheets to Kids
Using Excel in the Classroom
Internet Sites With Good Excel Information
Microsoft Excel
Excel Maniacs
Microsoft Excel Tips and Solutions from MrExcel
Practice Test
Classroom Resources for Spreadsheets
MS Excel Topics
Math Spreadsheet Homepage
Excel Tutorial Videos
Using Excel in the Classroom
Excel Practice Test
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel Video
Excel 2007 Essential Training
Spreadsheet Notes and Index
Microsoft Excel 2000 Tutorial
Spreadsheets Made Simple
Microsoft Excel Activities
Excel 2007 Tutorials
Excel Workbooks to Download
Microsoft Office Help and How-to's
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel 2007 in Pictures
Portaportal: Excel

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