Saturday, April 23, 2011

Group of Science and Math Sites

This is a wonderful group of resources.  Each of these sites is full of  information, quizzes, diagrams, videos, and more.  They span from the basics to the more advanced activities and information.  Give them a try!





The Secret Annex Online

The Secret Annex Online is a great find.  It is the ultimate resource for the story of Anne Frank. You will discover a virtual tour of her hiding place.  You will also view videos that will give you background information.  There are biographies of all the majar characters. I found this on The Whiteboard Blog.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Museum Box

Museum Box is an exciting way to engage the students in their own learning.

This could be used across the curriculum.  They need to collect images that will tell the story about: Literature
Social Studies

Check out the example:  Thomas Clarkson's Box

Sign up your class and have the ability to review and approve of their projects before they complete them.