Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving WebQuest and Scavenger Hunts

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt                                          Kindergarten
The Pilgrim Life Adventure                                              1st Grade
Mrs. Inman's Thanksgiving WebQuest                             2nd Grade
The First Mayflower Voyage                                            2nd Grade
Life on Plymouth Plantation                                             3rd Grade
The Pilgrims Journey -- A Child's Adventure                   3rd Grade
Meet the Mayflower                                                          3 - 5th Grades
Thanksgiving WebQuest: A First Thanksgiving Activity 3 - 5th Grades
Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt                                          4th Grade
Thanksgiving WebQuest                                                   5th and 6th Grade
A Thanksgiving Dinner Everyone Will "Gobble" Up!     7th Grade
That's Plymouth Rock?                                                     Elem. and MS

Mayflower Voyage WebQuest
The First Thanksgiving
The Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt
Thanksgiving WebQuest
Thanksgiving WebQuest
Thanksgiving WebQuest

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